Huh? What?

There are times where I don’t make myself clear when talking to others, whether I speak to fast or not loud enough. I used to automatically restate my question or statement without wasting any time.  However, I noticed there are plenty of times when I tell somebody something or ask them something only to get a “What?” or a “Huh?”, then when I’m about to re-state my question they cut me off, responding to it as if they did hear me the first time!

What I have learned is that there are people who cannot process what others are asking or saying fast enough to respond that instant so what they do is respond to you with a “Huh”? or “What was that”? It allows them to buy time in order for their brain to process what you just said and come up with a response. I learned this after my older son began frustrating me doing this. I would tell him something and he would respond to me like he didn’t understand what I just said, then when I was rephrasing myself he would cut me off and shoot his answer. I confronted him about what he was doing and asked him why he made me repeat myself even though he knew exactly what I said the first time, he simply opened his eyes a little wider while throwing his shoulders up saying ” I don’t know”.

I think psychologically most people do not know they are doing this, and most people also do not realize that people are doing it to them. Next time you get the “What”? “Huh”? “What was that”?, wait for them to cut you  off when you’re rephrasing your statement on the second go around, they’re mind is just buying time to form a response while you fill that time with rephrasing your statement or question. That leaves no moment of silence that could lead to the awkwardness of having no immediate answer  while making you think he/she just didn’t hear you.

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