I paid more!

I find that whenever someone in the group mentions an item they recently purchased, they also have to mention the price they paid for it, without anyone actually asking them for the price. I ask myself, “Why did they have to mention the price”? Was it to show off? To make themselves feel as if they have some kind of wealth and they want to make sure others know the value of what they just bought? Regardless of why some people do that, what gets me is when, right after someone mentioning that they bought something for a specified price, someone else will throw in how they also bought that item or they paid less or more for it. Question for me is…”If nobody asked you, why do you feel the need to share that you also spent $X.XX amount of money on the item”?

#1- Saying you bought the same item for a lesser price.

Maybe you want to put down the person who just bought the item by telling them you got it cheaper, making you a savvier deal grabber?? Or maybe is it trying to make that person feel dumb as they over paid for the item compared to you??

#2- Stating you bought the same or similar item for a much greater price. 

The only reasonable conclusion that I can come to here is that you want to make sure the other person knows you are willing to pay top dollar, and you have the funds to back it. Do you feel it necessary to prove to others that you have money in the bank? I don’t care that you paid $500 for your sunglasses, good for you! (sucker)

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