Internet Sensation!

There is no question that cell phones have transformed our lives in many ways. I am one who can say, a day without my phone is a day living in chaos. I use my phone for just about everything, from paying bills, navigation, recipes  to ordering an Uber on a friday night. With all the new technology that comes in the phones, it has been made a lot easier to communicate with others through social media. Once the death of MySpace took place, we were all able to move on and get serious with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and now SnapChat. One thing just about all these apps have in common is that they allow the user to upload videos, and some even live footage.

A few years back I began to notice that a lot of raw footage was being uploaded on social media sites that contained live crimes, accidents and wrong doings that someone was capturing on their phone. I began to ask myself, “Why are they just standing there filming, instead of helping out”? It has now been 10 years since I remember social media sites really took off, and nothing has changed. People continue to stand on the side lines filming while some kid gets his butt whooped in school, or a police officer struggles on the ground with an assailant. The list go’s on and on, and it’s really frustrating.

The only comprehensive idea I can put together for this kind of behavior is simply…internet senstion! Everybody looks at Hollywood stars and musicians and wishes that they could have that kind of fame, only problem is, not many of us have the talent required to be in that space. The closest thing to  fame is… the internet! Social media sites have done a great job at creating “Followers” and “Like” buttons. The more followers you have then the more popular you are on the internet. The more likes your video gets the more popular it gets and then becomes viral, which means the person that uploaded the video could potentially be “discovered” by the internet and become famous!

I believe that people are always on the hunt to upload the next “Viral” video, or to be the next “Internet Sensation” by capturing the best live footage, no matter how ugly and upsetting the content can be. I believe people are willing to do this as they set their natural instinct to help, aside, and instead become a human camera stand for their iPhones for the possibility of internet fame. Maybe this is the video that will get them 100k followers, maybe this is the video that will be on the 6 o clock news , maybe some hot-shot Hollywood producer will contact them and star them in the next blockbuster??

In the end nobody will care about who uploaded the video and life will move on. Do the right thing and help out instead of filming someone fight for their life, maybe just dial 911?

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