The pursuit of Happiness 

If you think back hard, maybe not so hard, I’m sure you’ll remember a time where you told yourself, ” If only I could have this job, I would be so much happier”. It could really be anything, including a car or even something simple. I remember this instance for quiet a few different times, wanting a better job, wanting a bigger car. When you’re at that moment in life, your mind can only focus on the need…or in some cases, the want. The thought of filling that void with something as fulfilling as your wish, leads you to believe that once you land that better job,  you’ll be happy. Or maybe once you’re able to purchase that nice car, you’ll be happy .  Then finally, you land that promotion that you had been chasing for the last two years. You settle in, learn the job and everything is smooth sailing. All of a sudden you realize that one year later, you are not as happy about your new job as you were before u had the job, or even the moment you got the job. Finally , you’re able to buy that fancy car that you stared down at the lot for the last 5 years, and now it’s yours .  But then you realize that 3,000 miles later, your excitement level for your new car just isn’t there anymore…what happened?

Alot of us think that true happiness comes from materialistic things, then once we get our hands on them we realize that it was only temporary happiness .  True happiness is when you finally attain something that not only made you happy the first time u got it, but instead,  gives you that same feeling of happiness as the first time, every single time. When your mind can focus on that one thing, instead of always trying to find the next venture  that will excite your mind, you have found true happiness.

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