Fierce Wonderings

I found an old folder from 10th grade with a journal from english class, stoked! Here is an interesting entry I made.

Have you ever had any wonderings that just couldn’t be answered? I have, I have them all the time. I think that it really sucks. The reason that I think that it sucks is because these are questions that you can never answer yourself. I mean doesn’t it suck if you ask yourself a question but you can’t answer it? I have so many that I don’t even know where to start. I think the first one that I will talk about is the one that I ask myself from where do all those aliens come from?

I have tried everything that I could but still I could not find the answer to my question. I don’t really blame myself because I know I am not the only one that has thought this over and over until the point to where you fry your brain. The only close idea that comes close to me is that they come from outer space. I am not so sure about that because it is just impossible to really tell where they come from. If we ever had their technology then our world would be so much better. we would have cars that could reach about 100 miles per hour, not that could really happen but I am just trying to make a point. people have talked about it over the television that they have seen them before and have even shown them on pictures. It is incredible. They can reach so much speed than the one that we have. The question is where do they come from and who are they?

The other thing that I have always been wondering about is how was the world created?I have read the Bible and it says that it was created by God. Then if it says that it was created by God, then who created God? There are times that I just bust my head trying to think this over and over again. What was the purpose of making the world? Can you imagine if there was no world? Imagine if there was no life at all? Then what would there be? Would it just be one big space of nothing but clear white where there is no sound and no person and no animals? I wonder what is the reason that you and me are even alive? I am a christian person, I don’t even know if I should believe them. What about the other religions, what if there the ones that are right?

There are so many things in life that can’t be explained and that probably will never be explained. What will happen when you die? Is it all trye that you will either go to hell or heaven? If that’s not true then what really happens? I think that I will have to stop questioning myself about these things because I think that one day I will drive myself crazy to the point where I’ll probably kill myself over something that is really dumb. I should just take some time off and leave this job to other people, the ones that want to give themselves a hard time trying to figure it out. Have you ever had any of these thoughts before in your head? One thing that would be interesting to meet the first person that st foot on earth. This is the person that might know it all. It is impossible to reach this person because they havec died who knows how many years ago. I don’t really think that I have any more wonderings and I still havec a lot of space on this page. I think I am going to talk about something else rather than what I was talking about.

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