Some have it and some don’t. Some will attain it and some never will. Some will be lucky to come across that one that might spark it and get it started. Then of course there are those that will never reach any form of drive, they will never realize what the meaning of drive is. … More Drive

The Do’ers

I see homeless people all the time, I feel bad for them. I know they each have a story of how they got there , too many to care. In the end, the ones with excuses will always remain at a level they feel uncomfortable, but too comfortable to do anything. I’ve heard too many … More The Do’ers

Fierce Wonderings

I found an old folder from 10th grade with a journal from english class, stoked! Here is an interesting entry I made. Have you ever had any wonderings that just couldn’t be answered? I have, I have them all the time. I think that it really sucks. The reason that I think that it sucks … More Fierce Wonderings