Fierce Wonderings

I found an old folder from 10th grade with a journal from english class, stoked! Here is an interesting entry I made. Have you ever had any wonderings that just couldn’t be answered? I have, I have them all the time. I think that it really sucks. The reason that I think that it sucks … More Fierce Wonderings

I paid more!

I find that whenever someone in the group mentions an item they recently purchased, they also have to mention the price they paid for it, without anyone actually asking them for the price. I ask myself, “Why did they have to mention the price”? Was it to show off? To make themselves feel as if … More I paid more!

Huh? What?

There are times where I don’t make myself clear when talking to others, whether I speak to fast or not loud enough. I used to automatically restate my question or statement without wasting any time.  However, I noticed there are plenty of times when I tell somebody something or ask them something only to get … More Huh? What?

The Costco Mind

Before I had a Costco membership I would always find myself in the middle of a bunch of guys having a conversation about how they went into Costco with the plan of buying 1 or 2 items but instead they walked out with $500 worth of merchandise, only to realize that they did not even … More The Costco Mind